Success Profile: Brian Bagnall

Brian is one of the leading experts on Facebook’s paid advertising platform… Facebook Social Ads. He  teaches people how to make an additional $5K a month on Facebook.

When I was doing research on internet marketing and direct marketing on the web, I kept running into Brian Bagnall. He seemed to be speaking at many events and sharing his information. I had the pleasure of interviewing him so we can all learn from his very successful techniques.




Here is the information Brian filled out on our online form:
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*Your Name:: Brian Bagnall

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1. Tell us about yourself and your business.:

I’m the leading expert on Facebook’s paid advertising platform… Facebook Social Ads. I teach people how to make an additional $5K a month on Facebook.

2. What would you say your greatest business accomplishment has been?:

Having created several successful businesses from scratch and always defying the odds.

3. What project are you most excited about right now?:

My new webinar on Facebook Social Ads. There’s lots of great content in it!

4. What is your #1 tool/software that makes you money?:

It’s hard to pick just one. If I had to pick just one, I’d pick my autoresponder service (

Check out the autoresponder CLICK HERE>>

(if you do decide to get Aweber autoresponder for your business and get it after clicking here, than a referral reward will be given to . we like full disclosure :) )

5. What other tools do you use on a regular basis?:

Anything to do with my website. I wouldn’t really have a business without it. So hosting (, domain registration (, wordpress (, optimizepress theme (, merchant account (, shopping cart/membership (

6. What are your secrets to stay productive and get so much done?:

I have a few big whiteboards. Anytime I think of something I need to do, I add it to the whiteboard. Every night I look at all of the tasks that need to be done and decide which of them I’m going to get done tomorrow.

7. What other tips or advice do you have for us?:

Do It Now! (from W. Clement Stone). Don’t Give Up either. Don’t get stuck in the Paralysis of Analysis stage.

8. What are your top 2 favorite books to reccomend for entrepreneurs?:

It’s tough to narrow it down to just two. 1. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles…listen to the interview for more suggestions


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3 Responses to He teaches people to make an additional $5K a month on Facebook……….What does CSI and racquetball have in common that could help your business? (Watch below)

  1. Jer says:

    Thank you Brian for the great information and sharing some of your gems!

    If you know anyone else that would be great to interview and share information than
    send them to this link…

    have a great day!

  2. David King says:

    Great interview Jeremy!

    He has a lot of golden nuggets in here, keep it up!

    There are so many business/marketing/personal development books out there! too many to read! lol

    David King

  3. Jer says:

    Thanks David

    I am glad you enjoyed and got a lot of golden nuggets out of it.

    I agree..lots of great books

    keep up the great work and talk to you soon

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