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A Proven System

Group buying and daily deals have taken the marketing world by storm and thousands of business owners are fighting over the opportunity to be featured on these sites. Basically, if your company has a product or service that fits with our customer base, we will feature your deal at 50-90% off the regular price for 1-3 days on our site. Every time someone buys your deal, we keep a portion and send the rest to you, and you get a new customer who will keep coming back. It’s that simple!

New Customers Guaranteed

With a massive reach of savvy internet marketers and entrepreneurs, you don’t have to gamble on getting a good ROI. Your new customers are not just looking for cheap stuff, they are looking for a great way to test your product or service and if you can deliver, they will be yours forever. There is no guess work and relentless A/B testing to get this marketing to work, we guarantee new customers and you won’t ever have to pull out a checkbook. Recent surveys also show that nearly 90% of customers generated through online deal sites will become repeat customers.

Big Exposure, Lasting Results

With a massive list of hungry business owners and an army of affiliates, you’re company will get the kind of exposure that can change a business forever. Your deal has the potential to reach 500,000 people or more and with viral marketing built in, every new customer can easily share your deal and make $5 for each person they refer.

In Good Company

Daily deal sites have become so popular for a reason, customers love them and businesses make money using them. 79% of businesses that are featured on daily deal sites would like to be featured again, that says a lot about the effectiveness. You can find every type of business in the world working with deal of the day sites, from fortune 500 companies to local mom and pop’s. It just works!

Risk Free Advertising

You won’t ever have to pay us a dime to feature your company, in fact, we’ll be writing you a check. We only make money by taking a piece of each deal that is sold through our site. This way, we only make money if you do. Risk free advertising is very rare and we are proud to offer this service.

Empire Steals vs Traditional Online Advertising