You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again…

The Money Is In The List

Whatever you are doing online is directly affected by the amount of people that follow you and can be influenced by you. Facebook is worth 50 billion because they have the biggest list (600 million and counting).

The best way to get someone on your list is to ask them. The Hello Bar is a great new tool that you can use to get someone’s attention on your site and get them to sign up for your list, follow you on twitter or subscribe to your RSS feed. You just sign up at and insert a small snippet of code on whatever page you want it to show up on.

The Hello Bar acts like a notification bar that drops down from the top of the page with a short message and a link. Here it is on Tim Ferris’ blog:

The Hello Bar is in private beta right now but if you sign up on their site, it only takes a few days to get an invite. I’ve got 5 beta invites for the first people to hit me up on Twitter for a request.

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