Success Profile: Internet Entrepreneur, David King

David King at a ripe young age was able to quit his job and work full time at home.

In this interview he talks about what is the #1 tool he uses to make money and HUGE lessons he learned after he starting making $1000/day and then how it all vanished.




What is your #1 tool that makes you money?


Here is David’s video explanation on how his #1 tool works


What websites are some of your favorites that you created or others?



A very exciting project that David is working on:


His personal website:




7 Responses to Success Profile: Internet Entrepreneur, David King

  1. David King says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Jeremy! I really appreciate the time!
    This site is a great idea and I can see that it’s going to blow up!

    Keep up the great work :)

    David King

  2. [...] You can hear the empire steals interview here, Be sure to follow for future interviews! more are on the way!Enter Your name and email in the box [...]

  3. Chris McCann says:

    Fantastic interview!!

    So inspiring to see another young entrepreneur rockin it out in the internet marketing industry.

    David’s transparency has really created a unique loyalty with his followers.

    Looking forward to seeing the upcoming ventures of this young gun!


    • EmpireSteals says:

      I completely agree with you Chris and thanks for watching.

      David is just a kind and generous human being that really cares which I think comes out in his interview

  4. As says:

    Nice Blog with Excellent information

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    Great interview here Jeremy!

    I loved how David got into living the balanced life. Too often we are clouded with the money and forget about our health or wellness.

    Keep up the great work,

    • EmpireSteals says:

      Thanks Chris!

      great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words and comments.

      you definitely got a couple shout outs in the video and sounds like David really finds your product to be helpful.

      always let us know how we can help you.

      have a great week


      P.S. if you have any suggestions on who else would be a good fit to interview than send it in the contact form. thanks!

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