Today’s deal is for one of the most beneficial tools that you can have at your disposal. Competitive analysis is probably the #1 money maker for any online business.

With SEMRush, you no longer have to guess which strategies and keywords will work for your niche. You can just look look at your most successful competitors strategies and duplicate them.

If you are using SEMRush to learn about your competitors, you can determine:

  1. Who your competitors are, you might be surprised!
  2. If they are spending money on certain keywords and have been for several months or years, you can have a pretty good idea that they are profitable.
  3. If they are ranking for certain keywords, you can bet that they have made an effort to rank for those and they are profitable
  4. what ads they are using and if they are working for them
  5. How much traffic they are getting from certain keywords, this way you know if they are worth pursuing
  6. How much they are bidding on keywords (this is a big deal and let’s you know how valuable the keywords really are)

This is a great deal on a really valuable tool. You don’t even need a credit card to redeem your voucher with SEMRush, this is just a great way to try it for a month.

Email me at jimmi |at| if you have any questions about how you can use this software, I’m happy to help.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the key word help. I am not sure what to do with the HTML tags. Thanks again for for the free lessons. Warm Regards, Tammy Bowshier.

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